Subwoofers: The Best in Bass

If your best car speakers stereo system is too trebly its bottom end sound seems to lacking, then it is time to invest in a subwoofer. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that is fully dedicated to capturing and projecting low-pitched audio frequencies, otherwise known as “bass.” The woofer will take that tiny sounding bass and amplify it, achieving the rumbling effect car stereo enthusiasts crave. Even the best double din head units car stereo systems will not project enough bass without a best shallow mount subwoofer, since the low end sounds tend to be evened out by higher frequencies. It is the woofer that will take the low end and elevate it to a level you are satisfied with.

Although any store with subwoofer car audio for sale will have many brands, styles, and sizes of subwoofers, these specialized loudspeakers can be broken into two distinct categories. First there are passive subwoofers. These woofers have a subwoofer driver and fit into an enclosure. They are driven by an external amplifier. Then there are active subwoofers, which come equipped with a built in amplifier. Deciding on which type of subwoofer to go with comes down to your personal taste. Any good car stereo store will allow you to test them out and will give you advice depending on your stereo system.

Having a subwoofer installed is easier than you may think. All that is needed is a loudspeaker enclosure installation in the trunk of the car. These enclosures are generally made out of wood in order to resist deformation and withstand air pressure. There are many different types of enclosures, plus a wide variety of shapes and sizes. No matter the type of car, the style of stereo, your budget, or the space available in your trunk, you will be able to find an enclosure that meets all of your needs.

With easy installation and a wide number of types available that will fit any needs, equipping your car stereo system with a subwoofer should be a given. A good subwoofer will not only project the bass in the way you desire, but will make your system sound better as a whole. If you really want to capture that bass sound you’ve been looking for, then head on down to the nearest reputable car stereo shop with subwoofer car audio for sale. Once your car is outfitted with a good subwoofer, you will really be able to blast the bass in style.